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Having a strong & healthy body should never be confusing and difficult to attain, God being love wants his creation, whole, healthy and fully alive! He has given us everything we need, only man has in his evil intent, has denied this right to humanity.

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About Us

"The first wealth is health"    -Ralph Waldo Emerson


In today's modern high-tech world with all our advances we still face a health crisis globally. We all know someone who is suffering. How is this allowed to happen? And there has never been more confusion on how to obtain health as there is today. Should I be on keto, carnivore, macrobiotic etc. What is the truth? Health food stores and doctor's offices have been around for a long time with little impact on their patients and customers.


At Lifeblood.Health we believe it's time for a paradigm shift. The focus must be on health not disease. Our body's cells constantly self-regulate, self-repair and self-renew under the right conditions. They are programmed for life, not sickness and death.


Our focus is on prevention and longevity, and to impart to you how absolutely miraculous your body is at fighting infections, repairing bones, healing wounds etc. We are passionate about maintaining and creating health at a cellular level.

Owner of LifeBloodHealth

Live blood analyst &
Health Researcher.


I began my research and studies in natural health and healing in 1995.  I started at the Natural Living Health Store and witnessed correct food choices and supplements  bringing health and healing to our bodies. I then attended Wild Rose Herbal College in Calgary and received my wellness consulting in June of 1996.  In June of 2002, I completed my dark field training program at Wholistic Careers Ltd in Calgary Ab.  Through the Vogel Institute, I became certified in phytotherapy, June 2005. I have a total of 30 years experience and continue to expand my knowledge with additional courses and research daily.



Over half the world’s population suffer from some form of chronic or degenerative condition.  What happened?  We simply do not know how our amazing bodies function, how we are protected  from harmful influences,  knowingly  and those that we are not aware of.  Much has changed over the last 100 years, but the body has not changed in its function to repair, restore and protect.  Health is simple.  It is our responsibility to give our body the correct food and environment to clean and rebuild from daily activities.  At Lifeblood.Health, it is our passion to provide education in order for  you to take back your health, your body, your life.


Lauree L. Lechman

Our Services

  • Let's take a look and discover together

    1 hr

    160 Canadian dollars
  • Let's take another look and see how you are progressing

    1 hr

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Get in touch with our analyst Lauree to answer any questions you may...

    1 hr

    50$ an hour

Our Favourite Products

At LifeBloodHealth we stand by our research and studies to only provide and recommend the best products to have you achieve optimal health.

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Pure Body Nano Zeolite

Daily detoxification from toxins and heavy metals on a cellular level. 

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