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LBA - Initial Appointment

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  • 1 h
  • 160 Canadian dollars
  • Lifeblood Canada

Service Description

What is Live Cell Analysis? Using a high-resolution microscope, LifeBloodHealth performs a live and dry blood sample aka Peripheral Blood Assessment. This non-invasive tool is used to educate to the client in real time via digital video from the microscope to the computer screen in what is either healthy robust & powerful blood or weak, tired & unhealthy blood. Live Cell Analysis consists of extracting one drop of blood from the fingertip that is then placed between a microscope slide & coverslip. Observations allow the gathering of information on red blood cell structure and oxygen carrying ability. White blood cell health, the presence of and the numbers of them indicate immune function or a lack thereof. Shows platelet activity, normal or aggregating, the presence of lipids, atherosclerotic plaque, hormonal irregularities, digestive capabilities for optimal nutrition, mycotoxins and microforms, undigested fats, metals all in one drop of blood! Another drop of blood is placed on the slide in 8 layers and allowed to dry so we can do Dried Blood Analysis aka the oxidative stress test. This is an evaluation of the pattern of blood coagulation. Healthy samples have a solid mat of pinkish-red dried blood with a strong interconnected fibrin network. In samples of toxicity, degeneration and other imbalances white areas show up known as polymerized protein puddles (PPPs) and other abnormalities can be indicative of certain systemic conditions. As a result of PPPs(white areas) the extent and shape will reflect the amount of oxidative stress the body is experiencing.

Contact Details

  • 5707 36th Ave, Camrose, AB, Canada

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