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In todays world healthy eating and standard supplementation will not get us to optimal health.  Our bodies cannot keep up with all the added toxins to our air, food, water, beauty and cleaning products, household items, etc. Most zeolites on the market are inferior because of the quality in processing. Touchstone's zeolite product isn't like the other zeolite's on the market. It is natural whole clinoptilolite-it has GRAS status backed by science. Touchstones natural zeolites are made from nature when volcanic ash meets with sea water. Zeolite's are negatively charged which attract positively charged particles.  Most heavy metals and toxins are positvely charged so zeolite will latch on to those heavy metals and toxins and pull them out of your cells. It is important that every batch of Zeolite  is third party tested to make sure to make sure it is cleared of all impurities. Touchstone essentials meets this criteria because they do third party testing on every single batch so you can ensure your product is safe!

Touchstone Essentials: Pure Body Xtra

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